was developed to support the ongoing community efforts of its flagship company, Family Restoration Services (FRS).  FRS has been supporting the Hampton community with at least monthly community activities since 2008. These efforts were initiated to provide families with needed information resources, and tangible services to strengthen families one at a time. Emphasis for community projects has focused on healthy living and its relationship to emotional balance, and behavioral improvements.  Most notably, the Community Learning Garden, initiated in May 2014 has already served dozens of Hampton Roads families, while teaching the fundamentals of growing healthy foods and its relationship to total wellness. Moreover, community uplift activities are supported by FRS youth participants and staff to promote healthy and balanced living for all. Participant’s in FRS services and staff unite, at least monthly, to uplift the community by volunteering their support before, during, and following these events.​

Youth and families are suffering from a myriad of challenges that are negatively affecting the family unit. F.O.O.T. implores an integrated approach to addressing those challenges with support and collaboration from the community at large. Youth suffering from emotional, environmental, and behavioral challenges often are unsuccessful with a singular approach to treatment. Through over 25 years of collective experience with behaviorally and emotionally challenged youth, we have found that total wellness is encompassed in nutrition, physical fitness, emotional and spiritual balance, and cognitive development.  As the success of this approach has been phenomenal, F.O.O.T. was developed to meet the needs of the community at large using the same integrated approach. As such, community based activities that support these four areas of wellness are planned and enjoyed by families just like yours!​

F.O.O.T’s founders, Adetokunboh and Stephanie Afonja have adopted these principles in the daily management of their own family routines to achieve their most fit life yet! The pair, bonded by marriage, is connected through a sense of urgency for the total health and wellness of the family system! ​


Programs Include:

  • Celebrating Families
  • Back to School Events
  • Feeding 5000 Thanksgiving Harvest
  • ​Easter Egg Hunts & more!

learning Garden

Our learning garden is one of our initiatives that we are employing to teach all of Hampton's children about healthy eating.  

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Families Overcoming Obstacles Together (F.O.O.T.) 

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Feel free to contact us. If you have any questions regarding F.O.O.T., send emails to info@footnow.org, or contact us at 1-844-757-FOOT.

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